Hey guys, checkout my groundbreaking idea to promote my band's image


Hey guys, checkout my groundbreaking idea to promote my band's image


I have an innovative idea to promote my band's image, something that I don't think has been done before....


You know, you look at these bands:


Metallica's shtick: being a popular band on the radio that played good Metal


Guns n Roses' shtick: being a popular band that had a bad boy image


Nirvana's shtick: bringing back non-pretentious music back to the mainstream


Radiohead's shtick: bringing art-rock back to the mainstream


And so on and so forth...

...Well, why not take advantage of these global uprisings and political/cultural unrest, and have my band's image be centered around channeling that?

In other words, the band would be marketed in a way that would help people channel their political/cultural frustrations (could be a Colombian fed up with inequality to a European fed up with forced multiculturalism, to an American fed up with big money politics etc).


This would be done by the band eventually creating a gigantic political website/app/etc that’ll serve as the largest political hub in the world. The website/app will have an array of features that’ll get average citizens to finally put their communities into their own hands, by helping them change local laws at an unprecedented level

I mean as far as I know, this hasn't been done before on a major scale. Ever. It'd be a very 21st century style of a band, where it's connected with everybody in an unprecedented way, and my band would be at the forefront of this movement.



What are you initial thoughts of this?

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good idea!