Honest question How many followers have U got here


Honest question How many followers have U got here


Hey guys,

So I wanted to ask how many followers and what kind of playlist support has this community brought you? 

Please dont share your songs or playlists..


I hope to hear the positive stories of how this community has grown you

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A lot of Edm and Hip Hop seem to have the most popular support from the community. Hope this helps (:


well. In two years my main focused playlist has grown from 0 to 42 listeners which is not bad, but less than I had expected. Mostly though I've gained followers through postings on Facebook.

In terms of listeners/streams there is not so much happening, but that's probably mainly due to my/our music, hehe.

My feeling is that people maybe "follow" but rarely really listen to the music. Which is a pity. I have a couple of private playlists with mainly unknown independent artists (most of them friends or friends of friends) that I regularly stream, and when I find new stuff from small bands or artists I sometimes add it to one of those lists. Wish more people would do so to support the small indie artists.