How can I never hear a One Direction song, ever again?


How can I never hear a One Direction song, ever again?

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Steps from ipad

1) open Spotify app

2) login


What then? Should I hear something?


I pick "Top lists" - should I hear something?


I pick "Play top songs" - it gives me a note "Track Not Syncked, if you own the track, you can sync it from your computer" - No I dont have any tracks... 


I have tried two andoid devices and and an ipad - but I dont hear anything. If I try to select so music it asks me to buy premium. Sorry it looks like I cannot use Spotify. Why it cannot just play something? 


I go Radio - I pick some random stations - should I hear something. I cannot hear anything.


Do I have to pay to hear anything, what is then point to distribute a Free appliction as this free **bleep** is not even asking a in-app payment? 


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What versions of android and iOS are you using on those devices? Are the applications online (can you search and get results is an easy test)?

You can use Spotify Free on mobile and tablet devices now, but they require android 2.3+ or iOS 6+ respectively.

Full details about free tablet usage are here:!/article/spotify-free-on-your-ipad-or-tablet

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