How do you type your capital letters on a keyboard?


How do you type your capital letters on a keyboard?

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As in, do you quickly press the caps lock button, then the letter then the caps lock again or do you actually hold down shift and type the letter?


I use the caps lock system - it's 50 times quicker when touch typing at least 😉


Also, who here can touch type? I can, but not when I think about it like now.,..



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Depends on the number of capital leters I need to type. Such as in that first sentence, I capitalise single letters using shift, but it if was a whole sentence such as I LOVE SPOTIFY I would use Caps Lock 😉 


And I can touch type, one of the very few people I know who actually learned to type properly at school!



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This is my first post in the off-topic forum, I think... Just in the mood to chillax after spending so many hours freaking out about the latest update.;-P ❤️


Aaaanyway, hmm, I use the shift key!* And I kinda-sorta know how to touch type, but I certainly did not learn this way. I don't use homekeys. I still hunt-and-peck, just quickly by now; and I've taught myself to type since the early 90s. For me, using the shift key is 50 times quicker than caps (I even tend to press and hold shift when pro-longing capitals), probably due to a long-term force of habit, as I also use shift for most other keys... 


Okay, that's enough introspection for this post before I get too deep... 😄


*That is, unless I'm typing an all-caps annoying sentence or old-person-styled teleghraph paragraph. :3



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