How to send suggest to the curators team


How to send suggest to the curators team

Music Fan

Hi there!

Someones know where you can send suggest to the curators team of a puntual playlist?? 


Sometimes I miss many songs and groups that are the ones that are heard in the street, in the bars, in the groups that people are really listening to. Above all I notice a certain ignorance in the rock, metal, harcore, punk playlist ... there is no playlist of those genres and it is necessary to deepen the music of each country.

In Spain, there is an urgent need to contribute in this regard. Sometimes there is a lack of criteria in the selection of the songs of these playlist. Or at least, it seems to me.

There might be a suggestion box to help you select songs from a playlist.

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I think a suggestion box would be a great feature to add. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to send suggestions to the curators. As you can imagine, they would get millions of requests every day. Instead, you should share some of the music that you feel is underrepresented on the "Music Chat" blog.


You never know, a playlist curator may need some inspiration and head over to the blog to see what is there! I hope to see your posts in the "Music Chat" blog! 

Music Fan

Thanks a lot for your answer.  

If you think that way you can help the curators of playlist value some rather strange cases that I have found, I will try that way.


I'll see you there!! ☺🤘