How to use the PM system!


How to use the PM system!

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So, you may not know, but everyone can use PM's (at least for now).


To get to your PM inbox, click the little grey envolope in the top right corner of the website.


To compose a new PM you can either:


  • Go to their profile, and click the 'Send a PM to this user' link in the box in the top right corner of their profile [OR]
  • Click the envolope icon, click the 'Compose new Message' tab, and enter their username in the to box.

Please be aware that you shouldn't try and 'jump the queue' using the PM system - you should still post for help, and wait for a reply 🙂


If you don't want to recieve PM's, you can turn them off in your settings - here is a direct link:


Untick the first box, and click the 'Save' button 🙂


Users will get an error when they try and PM you now.

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Nice guide Liam 🙂

As he said, you will still get a reply quicker if you post a topic than PM one of the super users or staff.


However, please feel free to drop me a message if you have a topic that hasn't been answered for several days or you feel my help would be useful to. Also if you have any feedback on my posts (because I do make mistakes) then let me know 😉



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