I know that blocking people & deleting followers isn't an option yet but I really need 2 block some1


I know that blocking people & deleting followers isn't an option yet but I really need 2 block some1


I'm not going to get into the details for many reasons, but I kind of desperately need to be able to block a very dangerous and violent person I know who I just realized is following me on spotify.

I know this person can't really get info from me this way, but I do not want this person to have any access to anything about me. I was able to block this person on soundcloud and was devestated when I learned that's not an option on here.

Is there anything anyone can tell me to ensure my privacy is safe and all this person is seeing is just my music stuff? I don't want to see this person in my followers at all and I hope that spotify puts this on the front burner beacuse this is a top priority issue.

Spotify is still a social media app and it needs proper security and the ability to block people.

For my own peace of mind and safety, I really need to be able to block this peson asap.

Thanks in advance, and I'm also brand new here so apologies if I'm not doing this right or if I posted in a strange place. 


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Hey @justopposum, Apologies about the time for a response on this one.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, as you've said blocking a specific follower is currently not a feature that Spotify has on the platform. I'd recommend heading here and adding a vote to this idea to show your support for this idea.


Other users can only see your Profile Picture and Name/Username. They'd also be able to see your playlists and which are public. Here is a Support Guide on how to make a playlist private - take a look under the 'Playlist Privacy Tab' 


You could always make a new account and manually move all of your content over by following the instructions here and using the account you are currently using you can generate a Spotify URI and on your new account you can search this and follow your playlists and close the other account once your done.


If you want to see what your profile would look like to someone else you could take a look at mine linked here and you can see how mine would look to other users. - Yours will probably look the same depending on whether you have set your playlists to private or not.


Take Care and if you have any questions just ask,