Idea: Search for songs in playlists


Idea: Search for songs in playlists

Hello, first of all, I am sorry if I posted this topic in the wrong section, but I'm new to this forum.

My idea is this: When I look up a playlist, let's say "Good vibes", and I download the songs to my phone (by clicking Follow - Available offline), I would like to browse the songs from those playlists in 'Your music' tab. Beacuse when I have a lot of playlists downloaded, and I want to search for one song from those playlists, it takes really long - because they don't appear if I search them in Your music.

Thank you for your understanding and reply.
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Hi there!

You could take a look at the Ideas section, if it hasn't been suggested already you can add your Idea there 🙂


I must say say that this idea would screw up my Your Music though since every song in a playlist I create and subscribe to would be added to my music as well. 

You can always search for songs inside playlists though. Or you can add every song from a playlist to Your Music manually by clicking the + button 

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If you are on a mobile device(which I assume you are)you could always search from within the playlist. If you swipe down to reveal the playlist title and picture, and then swipe down once more you will see a search bar that allows you to search within the playlist. This feature works all playlists.