In "Daily mix" clicking "Don't play this artist/song" has NO effect


In "Daily mix" clicking "Don't play this artist/song" has NO effect


I click "Don't play this artist" and "Don't play this song" when daily mix is playing.

This doesn't seem to work AT ALL, I keep getting the same couple artists with same songs that I really don't want to hear.


Please, assist!

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Music Fan

This is just speculation but could it be that the dislike function has more effect on discover weekly? It seems to me that the daily mixes are far more themed than the weekly so maybe the threshold for getting somthing out of your daily mix is harder than on your weekly?

Casual Listener

I'm having this issue as well, and it's incredibly annoying. I've gone through the daily mixes multiple times and I've constantly had to click "Don't play artist", on the same artist multiple times. This is not just on features, but on songs that are soley by that artist. I wish there was a way to delete a daily mix completely and allow it to repopulate based on what I'm actually listening to rather than loading up playlists with songs & artists I've no interest in, and no way to change. 


Long story short the "Don't play artist/song" functionality does not work on Daily Mixes. The content is stale.


Same thing here,

The same artist i dislike on the daily mix, and gets confirmation from Spotify, keeps returning, even after a few songs.


this is really frustrating!