Increase Max. and show the Number of own Songs


Increase Max. and show the Number of own Songs



I know, it isn't the first time someone mentions this problem, but it cannot harm to throw up this more often. 


The actual Maximum of Songs is 10 000, but for people who spent some more time in listening music this just not enough over years. 

As I read in a thread of 2015, the maximum includes playlists as Items too and you can't get space back by deleting songs. Don't know if this has been changed, if not I would ask for what?


This all is ended up with the facture that you cannot see how many Songs you saved in Spotify.


yea, thats it, thanks

hope you change this



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From my knowledge and from what I've seen on the forums you can only have 10,000 tracks maximum [per playlist]. No limit on number of playlists, no limit on starred or liked songs. So now you can enjoy your 500+ hours of music per playlist in peace!