Late Night Chill Playlist


Late Night Chill Playlist

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Some chill music when you just want some thinking. You might get delightly surprised as you reach the end. 

Not an expert on the genre on these songs.

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I'm an independent singer/songwriter/guitarist based in Hampshire, England.
I play chilled out acoustic music and have a gentle and emotive voice.

I'm looking to get a song I wrote some exposure. Its called 'Halfway Up Our Mountain' and is available on Spotify here:

My latest Album 'My Cure' is my first Album of completely original material and features a wide range of styles including Rock, Folk, Country and Classical styles. 
The album tells my story of 2016 which was a tough year that saw me battle and beat a particularly aggressive Cancer which left me with Facial Palsy.

Throughout the above and despite having half my facial nerves severed in the process, I kept writing and recording and in August 2017 I released the album 'My Cure'.



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Couple very different playlist depending on your defination of late night chill