Live Chat on Spotify is a unicorn


Live Chat on Spotify is a unicorn

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Two days ago I was magically connected to a live chat while browsing the help section on I still couldn't tell you exactly how I got there, but it was fast and SO helpful. I dont understand why users have to completely rely on spotify to transfer playlists to new accounts and things of that nature when it is so difficult to get ahold of someone that can do that in a timely manner. That chat was wonderful but I havent been able to find a way to connect again. Why does it seem to be so elusive?

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Hey @user-removed!

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Nice to hear that your past few chat expierences with Spotify Customer Service have been very postive.


At the moment Spotify are still working on there Chat offering as it is only available in select lovations. If you head to the Spotify Support page here, next time your in need of some help they’ll be happy to help! If the support system doesn’t offer you a chat option it’s possibly unavailable or all the agents are busy helping others - don’t fear but the Spotify Customer Service team can help by email if needed.


If you need any help or any questions do let me know.

Take care for now!