Local Files and Canceling Subscription


Local Files and Canceling Subscription

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How Some People Actually Follow Through on Threats to Cancel


Thought I would tell the powers that be why I canceled my account, since I was inexplicably not asked during the cancelation process. The inability to pay local files on a connected device combined with a couple of great albums being unavailable on your service makes said service effectively useless for me.


I understand the difficulties involved in including every album in your service, and I actually own the mp3s of the albums in question. But for some unfathomable reason it is only possible for me to play those files on the device they are actually located. If I connect to my TV and thus to my stereo speaker system the local mp3s on my phone are prohibited from playing. 


I had asked about this before but apparently this feature will not happen so I was forced to follow through and move on to another service. 


It's a shame too because in all other respects I quite liked the Spotify service.





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