Login Failure Issues


Login Failure Issues


Ever since I got spotify some months ago, it has never given me any issues. Yesterday, when I booted up my computer, spotify was stuck in offline mode. I tried logging out (for the first time) and logging back in again and it said my login information was incorrect. It takes an awful long time to tell me this though. It's almost like the login process times out and the best thing it can think of to say is that my login info is incorrect. I tried to reset my password anyway just in case, but when i typed in my facebook email (which spotify recognized), I would never get an email with password reset instructions. I tried this about four or five times to no avail. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times but would receive either the invalid password error or error 117. I then tried to add spotify to windows firewall list of exceptions (even though it was already on the list) and that didn't help anything. Lastly, I tried to login via facebook itself by trying to open a spotify song link to force a login. This finally worked but I have to go through facebook when I have never had to before. Whenever I am prompted with the small rectangle login window, it always fails to log me in.


Why would this be?


I would prefer not to have to open a spotify song link everytime to get into spotify.


Thanks for all your help in advance.



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