Lydia albums


Lydia albums

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Hey, not sure if this is the proper place to put this, but I've stumbled on a bit of an error.

There is a group named Lydia who have a few albums out: Devil,  Paint it Golden, and Illuminate.


However; their illuminate album appears on another artist's page that also goes by the name of Lydia, but she is a spanish pop singer.


The cover art for the album illuminate is used as her artist picture. Or perhaps its not her artist page, I dunno. The singles seem a bit out of place there, the bio seems poorly done, and the newest album on the page doesn't seem to fit to either artists as it seems to be a jazz album.


My guess is that is was just a throwaway artist page to toss all the loose ends into, which doesn't necessarily bother me, as I've got the songs I wanted from it on my playlists, but I figured that I could at least bring it to someone's attention.


On a side note, If anyone could supply me with an email to contact Lydia, the band, not the singer, and/or their label; There's a missing album of theirs from 2005 that I would like to see added.


Thanks in advance to any help/input.

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