MTS and Spotify scammed me? Claiming for compensations


MTS and Spotify scammed me? Claiming for compensations

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Good day Spotify, I'm searching for the info for my claim in court to or MTS, or Spotify.


Russian MTS took my money away for the Spotify subscription I have bought already yesterday inside of Spotify app. MTS decided to cheat me for my money, so today my money went not for the monthly payment for their services, but for the subscription Spotify I have already bought, and they are getting since now not 408 rubles as I put in my MTS account today, but 630-651 rubles per month because of activated by them 21 rubles daily payment for services. This is big money for me. I am with MTS already 11 years and they declined an ask for compensation: 169 rubles cheated money and daily 21 rubles.


They said that you, Spotify, should to return my money. But if not, I plan to make a claim to MTS and Spotify to the court for the scam and claim for the compensation and moral compensation, and court's fees.


Chatting with MTS support I have attached. Unfortunately just 5 MB size, I can't attach better quality of video.

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