🏙 Metropolitan Electro Tunes 🎶


🏙 Metropolitan Electro Tunes 🎶

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  "Metro,  Boulot,  Dodo " - A Parisian Reality






Hello, workaholics from all over the world!


The most energetic start in our daily lives always begins with..?

...alright, a large cup of coffee (or tea.. as you like)..but music in accordance with your breakfast, shower or on your way to work: @FondationLouisVuitton@FondationLouisVuitton

This makes all the difference! 

"Paris Daily Harmonies" brings the most vigorous, delicious and powerful tunes to your daily work-life-balance. 


I. Metro


Always start your way to work feeling the music which enhances your mood. First, we shall begin with motivational tunes from @DJSnake, @martingarrix, and @LostKings. Well, you are going to need the strength and energy, be prepared for your daily tasks. 



@EiffelTower@EiffelTowerII. Boulot ("Work")


It's the mid of the day, you are still working hard as you always do, finally...lunch break!  Take your earphones and back to the energetic tunes. @TheChainsmokers, @CraigDavid and a lot more are synthesizing your brain with the good stuff! Oh, don't forget about @AneeshChengappa - Fruit Juice. A Parisian always know how to get motivated again: Feel the beat!


III. Dodo ("Sleep")


Alright, I need to underline that for some, especially students work doesn't stop at 6-7 pm as for other hard working personalities. Therefore, it's absolutely crucial to continue showing your good vibes with the best electronic artists around. One of my faves, @BigGigantic gives you the energy you need to bring your passion back on track! 



I strongly recommend "Paris Daily Harmonies", a daily updated fresh & motivational sound base of your life! 


Enjoy ❤️





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