Mobile app UI has glaring problems


Mobile app UI has glaring problems

I've never been a fan of the mobile app's cumbersome and non-intuitive interface, but this is going too far. If you go to Your Library > Songs, at the top of the list you'll find an inconspicuous slider that says "Download". Pressing this button, whether accidentally or out of curiosity, will wipe ALL downloaded songs from your device and you'll have to re-download them again, which can be a total nightmare for those with massive libraries or limited data plans. This problem should have never existed in the first place.

More improvements:
-Add an equalizer button on the playback screen, do I don't have to go through 3 menu screens just to access it
-For alphabetical sorting, add an indicator next to the scroll bar that tells me what letter I am on
For $10 a month I expect better than a frustrating mobile experience. **bleep**, my Samsung's built-in music player is better. Maybe you could use that for reference.
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