Music Industry - Idiots!


Music Industry - Idiots!

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I continue to be amazed by the idiocy of the music industry. Why do they continue pissing off their customers by removing previously available content from streaming services? Not new content but old back catalogue content that has been available for more than 3 years on Spotify just yanked from the catlogue for no good reason. What was the point of removing...






Listen music industry idiots! I don't care who owns the streaming license or the publishing rights to these albums. I don't care if the publishing rights are changing hands. These are old albums and so there can be no financial incentive to remove them in the false hope of increasing CD sales either. All I do know is that you have voluntarily removed the steady income stream that you did have from Spotify and, although I don't have an MBA, that seems to me like a bad business decision. Which brings me once again to the conclusion that the music industry is staffed by idiots who whine a lot about piracy but do absolutely nothing to help themselves by providing a compelling enough alternative.

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