Music books worth a read


Music books worth a read

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Afternoon everyone,


I thought it would be cool to start a topic about music books that are worth reading. I love a good biography so any recommendations would be appreciated. I recently returned from holiday and was obsessed with 1971 by David Hepworth, chronologizing arguably the most important year in the history of Rock. It's also a fascinating insight into what changes the world was seeing at the time and how the music business was operating.

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Wow, that David Hepworth book sounds great! 

I read a fair few autobiographies of Australian musicians such as the Go-Betweens book "Grant & I", and Paul Kelly's "How to Make Gravy". They're both really good, but the main book I'd recommend would be "Let's Talk About Love". The title essay in the book is so well written and researched. I can't properly describe how good it is. Anyone who has an interest in music would love it.

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@Gidyin I don't normally read this kind of thing, but I'm curious to learn more!