Music to shake a hoof 📶🔊🎶 listen and read more here 🔻


Music to shake a hoof 📶🔊🎶 listen and read more here 🔻



This weeks featured tracks come from a record label rather than just an individual artist, something that unusually for me was a good suggestion from Spotify’s discover weekly, not that I think discover weekly isn’t a good thing or doesn’t work well, but when you listen to as much music a week as I do, it simply can’t keep up, I’ve already discovered the music before it, but sometimes it works exactly like it’s supposed to, so a few months ago a track on the label Sound Exhibition records caught my attention, ‘Groovy Walk’ by ‘Funk ReverSe’ a rework of original track by ‘Vito Lalinga’, starts with some funky drums into some 70’s funk guitar licks, sweet vocals and some brass give it a lift and then there’s that bassline, head nodder, hoof shaker, definitely groovy.

Another piece of modern Funk that makes this weeks playlist is ‘Ms Jannette & The Broker’ called Silicon Funk, what a groove, soulful vocals, punchy drums, stabs of brass and piano all underpinned by another top bassline, loved it, so set about seeing what else was on the label, Dj Moy - yeah heard some bits and pieces from him, recommend track ‘Change’ nice little downtempo groover.

So who are Sound Exhibition records, had a search online nothing about label or artists in it, yes there’s a website, but no online interviews, biography’s etc, so I emailed them and the limited info I got back was that ‘Funk ReverSe’ is Gianni Azori, longtime DJ since the 90’s from Olbia in Italy producing since 2000, 

‘Ms Jannette’ is Alesandra Ferrari also from Olbia, now working out of Milan, producing since 2001 and they have been associated with Sound Exhibition record since 2014, the label itself came out of a successful club night in Olbia - Sardinia and started in 2012, knocking out numeruos quality compilations from mysterious artists, Nu Disco, Nu Funk, Salsa, House Techno and other assorted downtempo grooves, that’s about it, a small Italian label knocking out 21st Century fat funky grooves for you to shake a hoof to, check them out.

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