Music video thread - only best music videos


Music video thread - only best music videos

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Please share here best music videos in any genres!


What makes your suggestion best? I think here really melody and greatly made video. It's all about no matter how you look, who you are, are you black or white -- you can enjoy, listen and feel hands up or any stuff available here! Video by Global Airbeatz, label from DJ Gollum, a sublabel of Manian's Zooland Records. Global Airbeatz is for hands up and edm music. Mother**bleep**ing hands up, let's go!


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I instantly had to think about Cinnamon Chasers - Luv Deluxe directed by Saman Kesh


It tells a thrilling story with alternative endings. It makes me think of how important our decisions are and what would have happened if we decided to do things differently. All in all: Regretting, Sex, Drugs, Rock'n'Roll with the smooth minimal sound of Cinnamon chasers track "Lux Deluxe".


The video won the SXSW 2010 Best music video, Saatchi & Saatchi's New Director's Showcase 2010 and 2010 Vimeo Shortlist awards.



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This song Leave the world behind you by Lune has been used in the Swedish House Mafia Documentary!

Such a nice song and clip.


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You want to feel summer? You want to be happy? This is for you!




Well when I read your post, I couldn't help, but think about this song from an artist out of South Carolina, his name is 2Ru3 (true). I say this video is one of the best because the message is for all people; no matter the race, religion, etc. it addresses "the people" with a real message to "the people" that is for "the people". 

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By far one of the most unorthodox music videos I've seen released within the past couple of years. Sporatically designed, artist Jack Vanzet was responsible for the creativity behind Rüfus du Sol's cover work and was asked to come back to create something that synchronized and meshed with their sound. Whilst they, Rüfus, creates some sexy house music, the 9 min song and art come together in a one of a kind synchronization of art.