My Best of 2017


My Best of 2017

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I subscribe to more than 10 podcasts, and follow about 75 different playlists in order to maintain a fresh supply of new music, listening to approx 300 new songs a week.


Each year I listen to more than 10,000 different songs and only about 70-120 songs end up on my list for that year. 


This is my (ongoing) playlist of my favorite of 2017 ... so far. 


I maintain an ongoing list every year, going back to 2010. I have made those playlists public as well. The lists are never completed. If I find a song which belongs on a list for a previous year I will add it to the playlist for that year. 


The main genre\category within the list would be different indie types.


Hope you enjoy. If you do, I hope you follow the lists. As I said, they are never completed. Since I am always listening to new music I can very well come across a new song from 5yrs ago.



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Hi there, sounds great! Any chance you can listen to this song  and maybe add in your playlist.


This is great! We made a similar list for Denver alternative artists! May have something new in there!

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