My last day on spotify


My last day on spotify

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Seems like 1 in 20 songs I search is some god-awful cover. I would probably still stick with spotify if you just threw all the cover music away, the way its now its like cancer creeping into all kinds of playlists. Who listens to covers like that anyways?


Movie Sounds Unlimited – I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - From "Armageddon"

B the Star

Studio Allstars (Studio Allstars – Perfect Day (From "Trainspotting") )


and many more. Why on earth listen to this when spotify also got the original in most cases? I mean, some covers are great, but these guys are covering so badly it brings a tear to ones eye. They obviously do this to get people to buy this crap instead of the original song..


Please just announce when you have cleared all the rubbish away and I'll be back at once 🙂 For now I'll stick to services with some level of quality control...

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Interesting point you have there.


I can get annoyed by the amount of bad covers that can be found on Spotify. Movie Sounds Unlimited being one of the 'artists' that anoy me the most. The same thing goes in my opinion for all collector cds that can be found everywhere. Why would you put 20 best of the 80s cds in the collection when you can just find a playlist with (for me that is important) the original album covers.


On the other hand, just for the discussion; Would you want to ban all covers, including for example the American Recordings?