My song received 87,000 plays with only 72 listeners in 2 days. Explanation anyone?


My song received 87,000 plays with only 72 listeners in 2 days. Explanation anyone?



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Hmm, I'm not sure if this is correct, but I'd be guessing it's because your listeners really liked the song. I've seen it happen on before where the users spam the song over and over all day long with no breaks. 

I'm not sure if that's the case here. It could be a glitch, or maybe you have someone spamming your song over and over by premium users. 87k times seems like a lot though for 2 days.

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Could be that indeed that some users have got stuck on your song... I have seen how some fans try to gain their beloved artists more recognition in the most virtuous ways.

But this play count is quite fantastic. I kind of think it might be a glitch to your favor.. :')


About they might as well be bots, especially when there are like thousands of plays per day, the song 'played' more than it fits into 24 hours in its whole length.
I don't know why it's a thing. Some get to be the Top Listener for the artist, or the artist gets pushed upwards into lists of popular artists. To me neither of those really matter, but I assume for some they do...

Well, if the scrobble count fits in reasonable boundaries, it's possible that there's a fan that really loves this song/artist. I know one. 😉

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That's a huge boost, as long as it's validated, that's good news 🙂

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