Need help finding Rocket Man by Jason Mraz on Spotify


Need help finding Rocket Man by Jason Mraz on Spotify


Please can someone help me find Rocket Man - Jason Mraz Studio Version? I can only play it on YouTube but would love it in my playlist.


Thanks 🙂

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Doing some look up and that particular song is a iTunes Demo bonus track from the Mr. A-Z release.


Sometimes the iTunes bonus tracks will show up for an artist on Spotify and sometimes they won't. That track does not seem to be available at all in the Spotify service currently. Youtube is bit different and tends to allow user uploaded content as long as the holders of the rights of the music get the revenue from it and sometimes stuff gets fully blocked even on Youtube, users take a risk for getting a temporary account user ban uploading content like this.


As for missing music in Spotify see below:

All music made available to the spotify service is up to the labels, artists, and/or their representatives. Please go and have a read over on this detailed post here

point 5 covers about the issue with missing music/artists.


That is all the help I can provide currently.