Need your best WARM WEATHER songs for Spring / Summer '19!!!


Need your best WARM WEATHER songs for Spring / Summer '19!!!

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It is time to start prepping our Spring / Summer playlists for 2019, and I need your help! Please recommend what you are planning to listen to while soaking up the sun.


I've linked my playlist I listen to a lot on the golf course, but looking for beach, lake, pool, hiking, sporting events, tailgates, etc.! Anything with an upbeat and fun vibe.


Appreciate all of your help in an awesome upcoming outdoor season!

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I notice you have a lot of rock on you playlist and heres my playlist for chill rap, its nothing too intense. Enjoy!


Nice selection of songs so far, if you're looking for some house or light techno music to get you in the mood for the summer then you should check out my playlist: spotify:user:jackdallaire:playlist:2HGl8YpiE90q4IsKvFd1Px