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New Library

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The new "Your Library" is absolutely awful. I have 5000+ songs saved, navigating through my library by song or album is extremely tedious to say the least. I enjoyed scrolling through my artist to figure out what/who I want to listen to, without that ability it is useless to me. I love spotify and recommend it to everyone, but if the old library orientation does not return I will most definitely be canceling my premium membership.

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I totally agree with this.  Please return the "songs" tab with the abc scroll bar on the right.  Put back all of my artists (single song or full album listed) under the artist tab, also with the ABC scroll bar.  Music lovers take our passion seriously and we spend a lot of time (hours to days) making our library exactly the way we want it.  Spotify seemed to lose sight of this with their last update and the community is not happy.  We loved spotify for the ability to truly make it personal to our taste, and now you have taken that from us in this update. We have a premium membership but are considering dropping it shopuld Spotify decide to not listen to requests of the paid members.

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You cats are right on this had become unmanageable in a car and horrible on foot. It even sucks lying on the couch.