New Premium Account and there is no "Available Offline" Switch visable on ipad Mini.


New Premium Account and there is no "Available Offline" Switch visable on ipad Mini.

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Can anyone shed any light, i have trolled though different threads and can not come up with the same problem.


I have just subscribed to Premium and I can not get offline to work on my ipad mini.


1. I have got it working on a Android phone ok. I can see the option to make offine.

2. I have tried it on an iphone and yes it is visable and works on that.


However on the ipad mini, there is just no switch at the top of the playlists or anywhere to make content "Available Offline".


I have checked and it states account is Premium and I have uninstalled rebooted and installed again with no change.


I can see there seem to be issues with other no able to download the music but I dont even get the option to attempt too.


I am flying on Thursday and would like to get sorted asap


Thanks for any one that can help or point me to a source for a solution





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Hey, the ipad app is lagging behind the other mobile apps and you can only download playlists to it at the moment. You should see a "download" switch at the top of each playlist as shown here.

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Hi Thanks, seems strange that the ipda is behind as it running same software version as iphone.


It seems there is not the switch at the top but a small download arrow next to the area where the share icon is.



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Yup, on playlists it is hidden under a button on iPad - never understood why!

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