New Spotify Feature Recommended Song suggestions added to user curated playlists


New Spotify Feature Recommended Song suggestions added to user curated playlists

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Has anyone else noticed the "Recommended Songs" sections added at the bottom of user curated playlists? (see attached).


I really do not like this feature at all !!!


The whole idea of curating your own playlists is they are songs WE (the user) have chosen, I do not wish to be told by an algorithm (a bad one at that) of what other songs could be on MY playlist.


Its hard enough to find non Spotify/Partner branded playlists anymore, yet alone get new users for your own curated playlists. This is another attempt to satisy the major label shareholders by getting their music/artists 'discovered'.

Playlists are the new radio, and major labels are doing everything they can to exploit their back catalogues to as many users as possible to increase their streaming income.


As they (the major labels) are major shareholders, Spotify are under an obligation to help them in their marketing activities to achieve certain targets/goals. That is probably the reason Spotify incresed the activity on their branded playlists over the past year.


Thats fine, its business - but as a paying subscriber I do not wish to have my playlists influenced in this way.


And another thing - if you are going to test this feature Spotify developers, then at least do it right.


I have a playlist called 'Alternative Women' and their recommendations include male artists on major labels, how could the algorithmn not pick out that every track was by a female artist. Ha ha.


 NB - I use a mac desktop app - the feature is not on my iOS mobile app.



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I'd like to be able to turn this feature off also.


It's unnecessary, it clutters my playlists, and furthermore the recommendations are ridiculously way off the stuff I usually listen to. I'm being recommended artists I actively don't like purely because an algorithim determines it is similar to stuff I do like.

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I like this feature! Wish it was in my app on OS X, but it's not yet.