New to the forums, because everything is wrong


New to the forums, because everything is wrong

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Just re-signed up for some Premium action after a few years off, it worked so well the last time so I figured I could pretty much streamline it all into Spotify.


So I installed it, paid, imported all the old playlists, removed duplicates, found all the songs that could be added through Spotify to minimize the amount of local music I needed to keep on my drive, and it all looked good. Until I logged on the mobile units (iPhone 4 and iPad Mini). It started off with some stuff missing and my biggest playlist (Rock & Metal) showing up as "0 songs" in the apps. Restarted the apps, no go, and the iPhone just won't show up in "Devices". Also, at this point maybe 70% of the songs I actually have in my playlist are showing up on the mobile devices, but in those 70% some of the local tracks (that won't sync) are showing up, so it's not just the Spotify songs appearing. After reinstalling the main program on my computer (OS X), it got worse. Current situation:


- Local content won't sync, even though phone and computer are on the same network

- On all of the mobile devices, maybe as much as 70% of the playlist content is actually there

- My main playlist, Rock & Metal, is now completely empty. Over 400 tracks of meticulously added music, combined to perfection, is now completely gone from the computer, iPhone and iPad. 

- In those 70% of content actually showing up in the apps, plenty of songs that are no longer in my playlists are still there. So go figure. 



I paid for this? I know that I've said some pretty awful things about mr. "Jonathan from Spotify" in the past (and to be fair, he was pretty darn annoying back in 2009), but this seems excessive.

So on a serious note, what can I do? 

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 

Can you try copying the tracks from a playlist that is not working or where the tracks are missing, into a new playlist on your computer, copying a maximum of 331 tracks at a time? There appears to be an issue with playlist synching on the desktop client with the Spotify servers when you go over that limit. It has been reported as an issue internally by Spotify and has apparently been fixed in v0.9.1.x of the desktop client which is currently rolling out accross the Spotify network so the update should hit you soon enough.

I would suggest you try copying them over in batches of 100 and see how that goes!


As for your local files not synching to your mobile device, is your device showing under the "Devices" heading in the left sidebar of the Spotify desktop client? 


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I ended up deleting all my old custom playlists and rebuilding them from scratch, both with the songs I wanted from my old local playlists and Spotify. Everything seems to work as intended now, I can even sync local content via WiFi (albeit slow). On the iPhone, all content appears to be present as well, song count is correct and everything. 


It took me the whole day, but I guess I needed to tidy up my stuff anyway. 🙂