Notes from the underground? Hollywood Undead.


Notes from the underground? Hollywood Undead.

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It's supposed to be out on spotify today, and I don't see it. :c I'm in the united states and it's a little upsetting. 

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Hey JonahRombro,


it can last a while until new albums are released on spotify. It depends on how close the artist and spotify work together.





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Where did you read it was supposed to be on Spotify? I only read it as a Facebook comment somewhere 😕


EDIT: Never mind, found it here, but it's not available in Australia 😞


Why isnt the album playable in sweden, what di we ever do O:

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Exactly! It was up on spotify here in Sweden for like two weeks but then it disappeared!! 😞 It's really annoying!


I am probably Norways biggest fan of Hollywood Undead hehe. Such a shame that Notes aint available in Norway. Don't know when it'l be up but hell! It is such a shame 😞

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Yea I'm going crazy!! I just don't understand it.. and spotify doesn't give us any answers. pretty annoying!!

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Hey! 🙂

Any content that is missing is normally down to the record label or rights holders with holding those tracks from Spotify, sometimes to push up physical and download sales. There are also some big names, such as AC/DC and Led Zepplin who have chosen not to be part of Spotify.

Any content that has disappeared or been removed (the tracks will still be in your playlist, just hidden because they unplayable) is normally down to the record label or rights holder. Sometimes content is removed due to licensing changes, transfer of ownership or due to a request from the content owner.

Spotify upload all music which is made available to them for our enjoyment! I would suggest you have a read at the missing content FAQ as it will probably answer most of your questions!


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