Offer of music in Spotify


Offer of music in Spotify


Hi all,


How is Spotify planning to expand the music offer?

There's already many music available, but one of the things is that some mainstream music is not available yet.

Old songs and especially new ones.

Now I've to retrieve the music missing in Spotify from another source and add this to my Spotify library. 

I don't think I've to explain the disadvantage of this "workaround".

I'm aware of the difficulties of negotiating with the record companies.

But Apple and Google will soon be launching their own Streaming Music Service and Apple has already foundation with the big record labels (iTunes). 

If something doesn't happen fast the competition will be even harder than with the current competition like deezer, pandora and so on. 

Personally I think one source for music is the ideal solution for most people.





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Any content that is missing is normally down to the record label or rights holders with holding those tracks from Spotify, sometimes to push up physical and download sales. There are also some big names, such as AC/DC and Led Zepplin who have chosen not to be part of Spotify. It is pretty much up to the record labels to add their content to Spotify, since they own it and I can see other streaming companies having exactly the same issues as Spotify to be honest. The subject of "music addition requests" is covered in this topic


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