On Spotify Trial ...currently using MOG and have two questions.


On Spotify Trial ...currently using MOG and have two questions.


I am on my Spotify trial period.  I am currently a member of MOG and l like a lot what I see here at Spotify.  I just have some questions.


I am thinking of leaving MOG due to their lack of label searching and the fact that there are several very popular ideas (on their Idea board) that are just being ignored by them.


So, here I am at Spotify and for the most part,  I like it a lot.  However, I have some questions that some of you may be able to help. 


I obviously want to search by labels (record labels that is) and see that the only way to search by labels is to type them in the search preceded by they label: tag.  Is this the only way...?  I was hoping that I could find an album and then discover more by the label with a clickable LABEL link...much like you can click on the artist (which takes you to the artist page).  Please let me know what I am missing here.  MOG didn't have any label searching and it made me wonder if the developers ever actually used their own software.


The second thing is the lack of Favorites (Artist Favorites).  Now this must be something I am missing somewhere.  I don't see where I can add artist to a list of my Favorites and then just use that list to search through my artists.  I don't want to have to star a  song from each of my artists I was hoping for a favorite (or star) artist list.  I took this feature for granted at MOG is suppose.  I would log into MOG and just go through my Favorites (artists sorted alphabetically), click on a favorite artist and play their radio staion.  I must be missing this obvious feature...right?   Please help.


I hope that I am just a noob and am missing a clickable button or something here.

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Hey 🙂 


As far as I am aware, using the label search is the only way to search for a specific label inside the Spotify client. 


Also, there is a new client update coming soon (you might already have it v0.8.8) which allows you to "Follow" your favourite artists, and in some cases see the changes they make to playlists, be notified when they add new tracks and if they are online you can also see what they are listening to! 



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