Payment pages won't load


Payment pages won't load


I'm trying to sign up for the 30 day premium trial but each time i go into the process to pay after I have selected card type it freezes and advises "Loading Please wait....". I've now tried that on 3 different devices and two different web browsers so getting a little frustrated, especially when says I'm only 90 seconds away for a world of music and been hanging for around 20 minutes!


Any ideas please anyone? Is there an email address to contact Spotify for help?


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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


You can try to add your payment details to your account without subscribing from your online account (be sure not to subscribe from there) and then head back to the free trial page and go through the subscription process again. That way it won't ask for your card details again. 


If you are still having issues, you can drop Spotify support an email using the online contact form and they will be happy to help you out. 



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I had the same problem.

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Also remember to try in Incognito Mode, let me know if this helps.