Paypal betaling optie


Paypal betaling optie


Ik wilde met paypal betalen maar als je dat aanklikt geeft t aan dat het niet kan?? ze adverteren hier wel met paypal dus dat is toch vreemd


I wanted to pay with the paypal option, but when I tried to finalize it gives a message that it is not possible, strange they do advertise that you can pay with paypal


anybody suggestions??



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I have been using paypal with spotify for years, so it should work.

Try copy pasting the exact error that you are getting, makes it easier for them to trace the problem 😉

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Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


There is a help page about PayPal issues here which outlines the requirements for using PayPal. 

Most notably, you need to have a credit or debit card linked to your PayPal in order to use it to pay for Spotify, since Spotify use that data to verify your location. A verified bank account is not enough, which is a common cause of error. 



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