Petition Remove or Upgrade the maximum number of download on devices


Petition Remove or Upgrade the maximum number of download on devices

After using Spotify for many years now and with great pleasure i would really like to urge Spotify to Remove or at the least upgrade the maximum number of downloads.
I use Spotify on my phone and download my list to play in de car and when i am outside of my country. this of course to make sure it doesn't use my cellular data plan. sadly now that i have reached the maximum number of downloads(3333 songs) the data keeps running when i'm driving. this is the whole reason why i download these song on my phone in the first place. NO data usage
now a days all the songs are encrypted and stuff so i don't see any reason to keep up this maximum number of downloads. 
Please Vote me te get this fixed. We are no longer the one percent that thinks this needs to get fixed
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Hey there @lordahr, thanks for reaching out!


There is, in fact, a live idea that you can add a vote and show your support to by leaving a comment, about it here.


Hope this was helpful!



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Thanks very much,