Playlist Exchange ? Your views on it ? does it work?


Playlist Exchange ? Your views on it ? does it work?


I have to say the playlist exchange page doesn't really work for me. there is far too many posts which no one looks at. it needs to broken down abit and simplify to just a few topics or different genres. whats your thoughts everyone ? 



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I think to get any kind of real following on a playlist you need spotify to recommend it. They have the audience. Most of the playlists with high followings have been recommended in the past, many when Spotify were testing the whole "Tastemaker" idea. You need a way to reach an audience for your list and the playlist exchange is probably not going to bring you more than a couple of ears here and there. 

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I fully agree with you there, TokeyBear. I've shared my playlist here, it got a little over 100 views. Judging by that number, I don't even think the average Spotify user ever visits this forum, to be honest...

Oh well, I made the playlist for myself anyways. But I have to say it would be nice to have at least a few more followers than 2. 🙂

I've given up hope, since Spotify will probably never recommend a niche playlist like mine.


Yeah, ive been building mine for a couple of years now and getting followers has always been difficult. A friend of mine was had the same problem untill his list was recommended and it shot from a couple of 100 to 20,000 followers!


Only a tiny percentage of Spotify customers use this forum when you consider they have over 60 million users. 

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@stig2009@TokeyBear@cuewizchris Hey guys, if you want to find more followers for your playlist, check this post:



My Spotify Profile: Jazzwhatever


I have followed this list and while it is good general advice, it's not going to gain me any real bulk of followers. Like anything, you need a way of making your list visible to a mass audience. In time this forum may grow but until then, you need to look elsewhere. 

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@TokeyBear @stig2009 @cuewizchris


To get followers is not that easy and involves different things.


1 - Don't count on Spotify to promote your playlists. Spotify has its own playlists.


2 - The community can help to promote playlists but it needs first interesting playlists.


3 - Most of people think that because they post a playlist, they will have followers. But they forget that it's not because they think their playlist is interesting for them that it will be interesting for the others.


4 - Usually people posting in the community don't describe enough their playlist. Before click a link people like to know what is inside the playlist. A description, even short, is always useful.


5 - Posting a simple link (like : open.spotify...) don't show the details of the playlist in the post. Posting an embed play button allows to see details in the post.


6 - Most of time people post playlists with themes already done thousand times in Spotify. If you post a playlist "the best 90's" or "the best 80's",  why it would be better than the other ones on the same period? It will be generally the same songs and artists, then interesting only for yourself but not for the masses.


7 - To have followers a playlist needs to be original and covering a theme rarely or never covered. It needs to be creative.


8 - Most of time playlists posted are not well crafted. Too often we find : several times the same artist, full albums... all that is not attractive for checking a playlist.

No interest to post playlists with full album when we can directly listen the album in the artist page. Lots of playlists listeners use playlists like a radio, then if they hear several times, in a row, the same artist, they will be bored and will change what they listen.


9 - Absolutly avoid title like "The Best ever playlist", "The only playlist you need" etc... that makes potential listeners run away..


10 - Be patient and keep in mind : "Quantity doesn't make Quality" better a playlist with 50 songs well selected and flowing together one after one, than a 300 or 400 tracks playlist messed up.


And on top of all : it needs a bit of luck and to not be easily disappointed. Sometimes playlists with lots of followers are not that good and some other with few folllowers can be very interesting.


Good luck


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Cheers, similar to the previous post mentioned. As I said, while all these point will help you out making a list it won't bring a mass of followers. Although I'm not counting on Spotify to promote my playlists, a "popular user playlists" section would be nice. If you are not much of a curator, following all these point still wont make for a successful list.