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How do I go about moving a playlist I created on my iPhone over to my desktop?  I was given a 48 free trial on my iPhone, on which I created several playlists.  My 48 hours expired and I could not use them.  I then went on my desktop and got a 30 day trial and want to get those playlists transfered over to my desktop and I want them re-activated on my phone.  What do I have to do?  Thanks for any assistance and help ... Frank Hardy

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Your playlists should appear on all of your devices providing you log into the same account on both. If you can't see those playlists on your desktop, then it is most likely you have signed into (and upgraded) a different account. Try logging into the desktop client using the same details as you used on your iPhone, the playlists should then be there. If you find them, right click on the playlist name and select "Copy Spotify URI" and paste into notepad. Then log into your other account on the 30 day trial, paste that URI into the search box and that will load your playlist. 



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