Playlist modifications in webplayer and mobile app


Playlist modifications in webplayer and mobile app


Hi all,


I'm using Spotify for almost a month now. Next to the many advantages I immediately notices one disadvantage. That is changing your own playlists order in the mobile app (iOS) or webplayer. This is really basic functionality and shouldn't be that hard to program in both platforms. Now I've to use the client app to modify the order. One of the benefits to use Spotify is that you can listen and modify your music everywhere. When adding music to my offline playlist the new songs are placed last, while I want to group them with other similar songs. So I've to wait untill I logon to the client app at home to modify the order. This is really frustrating when I'm on holidays, work and so on, and I don't have access to the client app.


Please consider this an improvement to the already great solution for music called Spotify. 





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Hey 🙂 


This has been suggested over on the ideas exchange as a future feature if you want to add your kudos and comments there too on mobile devices:


The Spotify web player is currently in beta, so I assume the team are still thinking of the best way to implement those features since drag and drop in the web player appears to be an issue. 




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