Playlists are gone and new weird ones added


Playlists are gone and new weird ones added




I love your service. It's awesome. Ijust have one problem. Sometimes I have playlists I haven't added (i deleted them ad changed my password) and now my playlist morgon2013 is gone. I also noticed that I'm following artists I haven't heard of. I cahnged my password again and made sure my mail account is not hijacked. I have no clue what's going on but it scares and I don't want to lose more playlist. No one (that i know) have access to my Spotify account. 


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Hi! Welcome to the community! If you want your deleted playlist back you should head to this topic.


I'm trying to figure out what might be the reason that caused your issue and I believe it's someone else using your account. If you are certain that nobody else can access your computer or mobile devices, your email and such it may be possible that your computer or mobile device is infected by a malicious software. I suggest you to scan your computer, e.g. using this online scanner (Eset).


Could you clarify what version of the client you use now? (Go to Help -> About in the client to find out which version you have installed).