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Hi there!

For those who don't know, Poets of the Fall are a Finnish rock band, and they're absolutely brilliant! Anyone should give them a listen, from more rocky songs such as "Psychosis", to melodic ballad-y type songs such as "All the Way / 4U", they're generally great!


Does anyone know why there are only singles available on Spotify in the UK? I've heard that other countries have full albums available? The albums have been around for years now, and would make a fine addition to any playlist!


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I listened to Poets Of The Fall – Carnival of Rust several times before.


With your question, my account is in US and I can only see singles too. I think its due to Spotify deal with record company and not much we can do to change that 🙂


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I'm in Finland and we also have only some singles. I highly doubt any country has albums (any more). Marko Saaresto (the main dude in PotF) was, let's just say not impressed about the compensation they got in 2012 from Spotify and they have made it pretty clear that they have no intentions of adding their discography to Spotify any time soon. I suggest you contact the band / the bands representative and ask them to change their minds.


They've got a few albums up on Spotify (US) now and are in the processing of adding more albums.  This is great news for everyone!


Yep they had a total change of heart https://twitter.com/PoetsOfTheFall/status/486469505846378496 = PotF is releasing everything in Spotify at the pace of one album per week.