Potrait mode on Windows Platform


Potrait mode on Windows Platform

Casual Listener

Hi community fellas,
I don't know that this topic interest spotify team or not, I've search about it and not finding answer I want, so here i am asking.


in Windows spotify already made lirycs feature available which is awesome, very grateful for that can be accessed without premium sub.

SO, I WONDER... could spotify add portrait mode view like in car mode available in Windows platform?

cause i got 2 monitor setup, and one of them in portrait position (vertical mounting). I played spotify app there, and it turns out some icons and volume bar kinda misfit to the monitor resolution when i Maximized it. 

hopefully if this because i'm not premium account, i'm glad, so the solution exist. But if it isn't, what about consider this as a topic for next development meetings..

hehehe. if anyone has solution or kinda have same problem with me, feel free to comment or support this topic.

Thank you.

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Casual Listener

Guys, its fixed.. theres full screen button.. i just realized it..

sorry for post this question..
thank you spotify 😁

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