Previously available music is now gone?


Previously available music is now gone?

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These previously playable albums in my catalogue are gone now:


Of Monsters & Men - Into The Woods

Demi Lovato - Don't Forget

Demi Lovato - Unbroken

Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings The Blues 

Micheal Buble - Hollywood


- No reason. No explaination. 

They've always been here. I've seen many other albums disappear lately... But Demi's and Of Monsters & Men's are the most recent.


Can someone tell us why they're suddenly gone?


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I was wanting to know this, too! I went to listen to Unbroken and barely any of it is on Spotify anymore. The link to Who's That Boy just plays some "tribute" crap.


I'm paying for premium and I really want to be able to rely on Spotify. I've recommended it to people but I don't know if I should anymore as this is happening to more and more music.

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Any content that has disappeared or been removed is normally down to the record label or rights holder. Sometimes content is removed due to licensing changes, transfer of ownership or due to a request from the content owner. Spotify very rarely remove content, it is normally down to the record label. 

Spotify upload all music which is made available to them for our enjoyment! I would suggest you have a read at the missing content FAQ as it will probably answer most of your questions!


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I don't wanna pay $10 a month if I still have to buy loads of albums.


Artists & their labels need to realize that pulling things from the paying customers is just going to lead people to illegal downloading.

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I wondered the same thing about OMAM. I spent the whole weekend listening to it with my kids, who love "Little Talks" and then Tuesday it was gone. 


Very disappointed.


Hi there,


This FAQ should help explain things a little.




Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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I'm a futur old premium member... Some of my my starred songs are now unplayable... I'm also very very disapointed and for the moment, I think stop my premium account.


I will come back when all can be access

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Yeah, i was about to get premium. But when i went to KiD CuDi I dodnt like how only half of his albums are there. 😕 I want tobuy it but.... thats a problem.

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While we're on the subject of missing music, A.C. Newman's 2009 release, "Get Guilty" has been missing for a few months now.  Oddly enough, his first and most recent albums remain available.  All were released by Matador Records so it seems strange that they would choose to pull that particular album and not the others if there was some sort of issue.


This happened last year with another Matador artist - Pavement.  One day, most of their catalog just disappeared without any explanation.  I contacted Matador and they were clueless about why the Pavement albums had been pulled.  They re-appeared on Spotify the following week.