Prince Hitnrun Phase One disappeared


Prince Hitnrun Phase One disappeared


The Prince album Hitnrun Phase One has diseappeared from Spotify. 


I had alot of favourites saved from that album, and its extremely annoying how Spotify just takes music you like away without any notice.


Is this a mistake or is it gone forever now? 

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The track, "Give Em What They Love" featuring Prince, off of the Janelle Monáe album, The Electric Lady is also gone. What gives?

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its not Spotify. The Prince estate needs to get their $hit together... they are literally all over the place with user rights, permissions, ands legalities... and they don't care that it's confusing and frustrating for fans.  Prince's greedy siblings will sign or kill any deal to make a buck.  Just look at his sister's current financial mess:


This news came from CNN en Español: "La única excepción fue en el servicio de streaming de Jay Z, Tidal, que llegó a un acuerdo con Prince en 2015 y tiene los derechos exclusivos de su álbum Hit N Run: Phase One".  (The only exception was the streaming service of Jay Z, who reachead an agreement  with Prince in 2015 and has exclusive rights to his album Hit N Run: Phase one).
That news is old, from 2017, and it says that while Prince lived, he took his music from all but Jay Z's.