Can anybody tell me how I can manage my account so as when I play certain tracks not everybody and there dog can see what i have been listening to....I take music as a bit of a personal thing and find it an invasion of my privacy!


Thanks for any help!

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Hi mathand1 - Certainly, we can help you out here.


Just head over to your Preferences page: Edit > Preferences (in Windows) or Spotify > Preferences (in Mac).  From there you can select what you'd like to show under 'Activity Sharing'. 


You can also turn on Private Listening mode, which lets you hide what you're listening to for a particular session. Just select your username in the upper right hand corner and select 'Private Session'.


Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.

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I'm afraid I can't help, but if it's any consolation, I, too, have very serious reservations about Spotify's practices and the lack of privacy they provide to their users. I prepaid a three-year subscription to Spotify Premium, which is current. But I feel like cancelling. If it were not for the money I've trusted them with, I would certainly do so.


I always believed that my playlists were private. Suddenly, today, I received a 'No Reply' email from Spotify telling me that someone called Beth Fernley has downloaded my playlists. At no time did I authorize other people to spy on, and download my playlists, and I cannot even send an e-mail asking Spotify to explain how this could happen, because, as I said, it is a 'No Reply' email, which just bounces back as undeliverable. I find this all mindboggling. That another user can access my account, and my private details, and then use that information to download my playlists. I find this a GROSS VIOLATION OF MY PRIVACY, and simply want to know how it has happenned. Because every time I try to download the 'contact form' Spotify claims is available to members (it isn't, I just get re-directed), I'm taking legal advice. My privacy is important to me. I have already been the victim of data theft because I was naive about blogging and using Facebook. But for paid-for, Premium services to act in the same way is just too much. Spotify can now deal with my lawyer.




To turn off activaty shareing it is best if you go into Edit then Preferences and Untick Share to Facebook, Share my activity on Spotify Social.


Also untick Automatically Publish new playlists, top artist and top tracks to remove them for you profile on Spotify.


On some versions of spotify the post to Facebook button is not there, instead it's a button like in the iage below:




Now you profile should not be visable and no one should be able to view it.




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Many thanks~ all up to date Smiley Wink


Many thanks~ All doneSmiley Wink

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Thanks for all the helpful answers. I see your issue was resolved.


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