Recommendations for Songs not on Spotify


Recommendations for Songs not on Spotify


Okay, so here's the deal...  I love Spotify because it is a great resource to listen to my favorite music and discover new artists.  But I realized that some of the music I like is excluded from the player even though the albums are on there.  Stuff such as Let These Words Last Forever and The King of Silence by We Came As Romans.  I understand that this is off of their deluxe version of the album Understanding What We've Grown to Be.  Also, a lot of the songs from Asking Alexandria are not in there.  Now, I know this isn't your everyday popular music but many people enjoy it and I think Spotify would have a lot more users if it was included.



Joshua Garmon

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It mostly is not up to Spotify if certain bands/singers choose not to have there music on Spotify, here is more information on that. I hope they get added one day though 🙂

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Hey there.


Thanks for your opinion how to make Spotify better.


I think, that you may get better support in Idea forum. Can you add your idea also to idea forum?


I would personally like idea about music suggestions outside Spotify, so I can get tracks in other way.