Regal Zonophone


Regal Zonophone


What's the deal with Spotify and the Regal Zonophone label?

It seems neither The Move's nor Procol Harum's releases from that label are available on Spotify whereas the ones released on other labels are. 

Now, this could be easily understood if Regal Zonophone had still existed, but the label is long since defunct, and physical versions of all of Procol Harum's albums are now handled by the same (Salvo) company. So why are the Regal Zonophone ones missing by both acts while the Procol Harum albums from 1971 or later (now handled by the same label as the older ones) are all available?

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Casual Listener

We waited a long time for Led Zeppelin to appear, now let's also have the full Procol Harum discography. Thanks!