Remove followers and/or make profile hidden


Remove followers and/or make profile hidden


Dear all,


I am an eager but quite "unsocial" Spotify user. I follow a few people, and some of my friends follow me. However, since my username is the same as an old 60s band, I have recently got two new followers who must be mistaking my profile for this old band. Now, since I am not comfortable with letting complete strangers know everything about what music I listen to, I wonder if it is possible to (i) remove these followers or in some other way make them "unfollow" me and/or (ii) avoid that more people begin to follow my profile, for example by making the entire profile hidden?


It should be mentioned that I have, as far as I know, never agreed to making my profile public/searchable for every Spotify user out there, which is why I think it should indeed be possible to remove my undesired followers.


Thanks in advance


Edit: I think I may have posted this in the wrong part of the community. I am sorry for that but do not know how to move it!

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