Samsung Galaxy Xcover (GT-S5690) as Spotify phone review


Samsung Galaxy Xcover (GT-S5690) as Spotify phone review

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This text is about Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690 (Samsung as Spotify phone).


I need music everywhere. I love Spotify service, I want to support music and I enjoy to listen music also on-the-go. It's music to have fun when walking or cycling. So I had Huawei phone for this, but in my opinion in Huawei sound was too low even on max sound and those "Boost sound" app are really joke and they don't work. So I was forced to sell my phone and to see something else.


I found this Xcover. It's waterproof and it can be used in beach etc. Also it's durable. The main rwason to get this phone was need for music and I also got Unlimited data from DNA. My teleoperator ruined data plans, so I can get basically data included to month fee (very slow for Spotify) or pay for doubledata or change to packages where I also would pay for no need voice and sms packages...


So with DNA I can easily listen Spotify over network, no glitches and phone is fast. However this phone is not good if you're heavy user. The ROM is only near 150MB, so you can install only few apps!!! If you use a lot apps, you may get very soon memory is full messages! RAM is 512 MB which is enough for phone in this price range. MicroSD card is 2 GB (included in package).


There is no built-in memory cards, at least you can not use those as memory. The data and other cool features are GPRS, EDGE, HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), HSUPA (5.76 Mbps), Wi-Fi (b/g/n), Bluetooth v3.0 (A2DP bluetooth-stereo support), microUSB v2.0. With Bluetooth you can use for example Bluetooth headphones like me and music sounds really clear and good with good punch of bass!!!


I suggest Unlimited data plans (like my DNA) with speed around 0.5 Mbps. Spotify Mobile works with Extreme quality in 384 kbps. Because this phone supports only 7,2 Mbps of data, it's cool to have data only 0.5-2 Mbps, so you don't pay for speed you can't use fully. There is also 3.65", HVGA (480 x 320) display: it's clear and enough for Spotify need. The usage of display is clear, no problems, no delay... Battery is Li-Ion 1500mAh and this is good for Spotify need. I played Spotify with this Online many hours.


If you need more battery, you can purchase battery chargers, so you can charge one battery (2000 mAh or more and take it with you) and when need, you can charge your phone with this battery. Very good choose if you go for longer trip etc. As Spotify player, I'm very satisfied with this product. Sound is loud and clear, battery is good and phone is cheap and light. Phone is with Gorillla glass and phone is overally very well done. If you have any questions about Spotify in this phone or questions about this phone, just ask.


In package no headphones!! But i feel this is good thing because all headphones coming with phones/mp3-players are very laughable jokes for me. I better pay itself for good headphones. Also thus headphones (if in package) increase the price.





Xcover package and DNA package with SIM card and user guides



Xcover is good for price, however no headphones in package



Xcover in zoom

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